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On June 4, 2017, I appeared on FOX News (See video below) addressing the recent terrorist attack in London where several people were stabbed and critically injured, including two unarmed police officers.

Several media outlets reported that after terrorists crashed a vehicle into a crowd of citizens on London Bridge they exited the vehicle and began stabbing them. Three of the terrorists ended up at the Borough Market, not far from London Bridge and began attacking citizens.  Two unarmed police officers tried to defend the citizens with their batons, but were stabbed several times before armed police officers arrived.  And a 39 year old man was stabbed to death as he fought off these terrorists with his skateboard. 

It took 8 minutes for the police to arrive. During that period of time seven people were killed and 48 injured.  No one can deny that if anyone of the victims, or for that matter, if any of the unarmed police officers were armed, the number of those killed and injured would have been much less.

With all of this bloodshed displayed on national television, the liberal progressives in America continue to  fight against the Second Amendment Rights of the people, thus leaving citizens helpless and defenseless against violent criminals and terrorists.

                      WHO IS TO BLAME?

Recently, the state of New Jersey had a primary election for the offices of governor, senate and assembly. 

During that election, several PRO-2A candidates were running for office.  Yet, with the opposition (Democrats) clearly stating that NJ gun laws will be tightened, the NRA and other national and state PRO 2A gun and Constitutional advocate groups were nowhere to be found.  In fact, it is estimated that of the 1 million plus gun owners in NJ who were eligible to vote, less that 2 percent bothered to cast their ballot.

In a day and age when all of us are vulnerable to become the victim of a violent crime or terrorist act, one wonders why citizens who have the ability and training (gun owners) to protect themselves and their fellow citizens would not fight for the right to bear arms by participating in a crucial election.

As I stated on FOX News, we are not dealing with criminals nor are we dealing with terrorists, instead we are dealing with military combatants looking to destroy our way of life.

If the liberal progressives get their way, the 2nd Amendment will cease to exist in our nation. And its disappearance across America will begin in New Jersey, compliments of the PRO2A and Constitutional advocates.  How ironic is that?

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              America's Homeland

What You Can Do to Help Save America

The policing tool we cannot afford to not use, is intelligence gathering.  Whether our government leaders officially admit this or not, America is at war with Radical Islamic Terrorist organizations. And one method sorely needed to assist law enforcement with efforts to prevent a terrorist attack is to establish methods of collecting intelligence on a local level, particularly in our neighborhoods.

We must come to grips with the fact that this war against terrorism is an “all hands on deck” conflict. In other words, every American in some way must be willing to participate in protecting our homeland. And the most effective way for citizens to get involved is perhaps the easiest way- if you see something, say something!


One month after the September 11th 2001, attacks on the United States, an elderly woman living in a northern New Jersey community reported to her local police department that she observed “something unusual” about her neighbor. When police investigated they found that the “something unusual” was something bigger than what they would have everexpected. The following is a summary of what the police learned as a result of their investigation.

“On October 15th, 2001 Mrs. XXXXX of XXXX, New Jersey, stated that at approximately 0730 she was walking down the hallway of her apartment building when her neighbor, (in apartment 000) opened his door and exited. As she said hello to him, she glanced inside his apartment and noticed that there was no furniture. What caught her attention was a map of the United States on a wall with red marks on it. She stated she would not normally think anything of such a matter except for the fact that her neighbor is of Middle-Eastern decent and the Attorney General was on television the night before asking citizens to report anything they deem to be suspicious.”

It should be understood that since no crime was committed, the police would have probably filed this report, taking no further action.  

However, in the wake of the attacks of Sept 11th, this citizen was aware enough to observe the map on her neighbor’s wall, which she believed was exactly the type of information the Attorney General talked about the night before on television.

Police detectives assigned to interview the woman learned that the “suspicious man” was from Pakistan who owned a small telecommunications company.

For approximately four months prior to September, he had numerous visitors of Middle Eastern decent at his apartment and on a few occasions, he questioned people in the area about police patrols and neighborhood watch. 

Police also learned that he owned companies in three southeastern states and was depositing large amounts of cash every month at a local bank. A background check on him revealed information that required the attention of the FBI and INS.

Federal authorities continued the investigation and the suspect was subsequently detained and taken into custody by the FBI.

From the vigilance of one citizen who took the Attorney General’s request to report any suspicious activity seriously, the police and the FBI found themselves investigating  what appeared to be a link to terrorism. 

This incident portrays the importance of citizen’s participation in intelligence gathering as we are now living in today’s wartime environment.

What will never be known is what possible terrorist act was prevented and how many lives were saved as a result of one solitary alert citizen.  End

When we raise the issue of national security most people think about the military, numerous national intelligence agencies, and our nation’s ability and capabilities to prevent both domestic and foreign terrorist attacks on our soil.

The fact of the matter is that these issues are, in the national security matrix, the place we end up after exhausting all other means to secure a strong national security foundation for our nation.  So the questions that need to be answered are, where does national security begin?  Who is responsible for America’s security?

In my view, America’s security begins with every home and in every neighborhood across our nation. It begins at the dinner table, the kitchen table, or wherever the family gathers.  From the home, national security is strengthened in our educational institutions, our houses worship, then extends to the economic world, the political world, and then eventually landing its feet on the government agencies cited above.

America today, is not the America I grew up in.  As a child I lived in an America that promoted strengthening the family, neighborhood ties, and a culture that advanced the Judeo-Christian values our nation was founded upon.  Now, many families are split, neighbors don’t know who lives next door, and Judeo-Christian values are taking a back seat to an “every man for himself” belief system.

When speaking with hundreds of people around our nation over the past few years, I learned that family time at home has been replaced with internet cafes outside the home, neighborhood gatherings where people talked and grew to know each other have been replaced with emails and chatrooms,  education in the home has been replaced with an overwhelming amount of sports outside the home, and time to worship God and prayer on Sunday has been replaced with appending time with talking heads on Sunday morning news shows. Put all of this together and we are witnessing in our lifetime the slow but sure dissection and eventual decimation of our national security.

​      The Homeland & National Security

When was the last time you and your entire family gathered together to talk about today’s world events?  Most people will say it never happens.  Then one day their child comes home from school and tells the rest of the family that they are going to burn an American flag at a student protest. Absolute shock sets in. Or even worse, when the child comes home and espouses radical views that shake the family to the core, what now?  Frankly, it is too late.  The influence of the home has been replaced with the influences outside the home.  Multiply this scenario by the thousands and we have the birth of a national security problem that will surface in a few years to come.

The greatest influence in the home is mom and dad, or guardian sharing Judeo-Christian values as a family. I have always said that farther away we get from these values, the weaker our nation becomes. I challenge anyone to look at where we have been, where we are, and where we are headed as a nation, and analyze the time lines in American history when our government leaders and the courts began to systematically remove from our society references to prayer, God and the Judeo-Christian values our nation was founded upon.

 James Madison, 1785: "Because we hold it for 'a fundamental and undeniable truth', that religion or 'the duty which we owe to our Creator' and the manner of discharging it, can be directed only by reason and conviction, not by force or violence."

May I add that that reason and conviction can come only from the home to the heart.

Education & National Security

Many schools and institutions of higher learning have become more interested in advancing a political agenda contrary to what our Founding Father’s intended to convey to future generations of Americans.  Indeed, my position can and will be debated. But, I challenge you, the reader to ask high school and college students some questions about America’s history, foreign policy, or current day political issues. You may find that most of them will have the foggiest idea what you are talking about.

I direct you an excellent article written in 2000 by Linda Starr of Education World that reveal a chilling result of a survey taken about students and American history. 

•  Seven percent of students surveyed thought Sputnik was the first animal to travel into space.

•  Twenty-three percent thought it was John F. Kennedy who said, "I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country."

•  Twenty-six percent thought the Articles of Confederation established the division of powers between the states and the federal government.

•  Forty-three percent identified the Declaration of Independence as the source of the phrase "Government of the people, by the people, for the people."

•  Forty-seven percent could not identify the president who was in office when the United States purchased the Panama Canal.

•  Sixty-three percent did not know during which war the Battle of the Bulge was fought.

These results shook the U.S. Congress to the core, and in 2000 they introduced the following resolution. "Resolved by the Senate (the House of Representatives concurring), That it is the sense of Congress that history teachers and educators at all levels should redouble their efforts to bolster the knowledge of United States history among students of all ages and to restore the vitality of America's civic memory." I recommend you read the entire article on educationworld.com.

National security is strengthened by education from an early age throughout our entire life. If we are producing a generation of people who know little about national and world affairs and history, while the students of other nations are required to know these things, one can only conclude that our national security is in danger.

Military Power & National Security

When all diplomatic means are exhausted, military power must be used to deter an enemy from attacking the United States.  However, before that power is used, the United States can send a very clear message to potential enemies by maintaining a very strong and powerful military. A military that no power on earth would want to challenge.

Unfortunately, the strength of the U.S. military has steadily declined since President Obama took office. Our Navy can no longer fight a two-ocean war, our Air Force does not have spare parts for aircraft now in service, and the Army and Marines are suffering manpower shortages of dangerous proportions.  While our military is declining, Russia, China, and Iran, to mention a few hostile nations, are building a military machine that we will be confronting sooner or later. 

Ronald Reagan believed in the “peace through strength” concept of deterrence. Unfortunately, the present administration thinks differently.  Remember the following words: Hug your ten old child today, because in twenty years they will be fighting a war unlike any war we have ever seen- Steven Rogers

Intelligence Gathering & National Security

Intelligence gathering is one of the most, if not the most, important element necessary to keep America safe.  Prior to the election of Barrack Obama, the NSA and other national intelligence agencies worked very to gather and analyze critical intelligence via cyberspace, human intelligence assets, and other means necessary to keep our nation safe.  The result was no major terror attacks since 9/11. However, as more liberal policies and politically correct methodologies were advanced the justice department hindered our ability to collect intelligence.

As of this writing we have had a few terror attacks but none like what will come if we do not strengthen our intelligence collecting capabilities. More on that topic will be left for another day.

So here you have it, National Security is an all-in work in progress. From the homes in our neighborhoods, to the streets of our cities, to the schools of our nation, to the government agencies charged with protecting the homeland, all of us have a critical role in the national security matrix.

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There is enough historical evidence that our Founding Fathers strongly believed in a limited period of time one should serve in an elected office.  Simply put, they did not want public officials to become so ingrained in an elective office, that the office holder would become more concerned about their political survival, than about the survival of the nation.

During the past few years we Americans have witnessed an erosion of our rights, a disregard for the Constitution, and abuses of power from local to national government officials from 1600 Pennsylvania Ave to Main Street U.S.A.

The President of the United States is using Executive Power to by-pass the Congress; Instead of interpreting laws, the Courts are making laws, and the Congress is paralyzed because many legislators are more concerned about saving their jobs, than saving the nation.  They are doing exactly what our Founders feared!

When public life becomes a vocation for the political office holder, he or she becomes to secure and comfortable in their position.  They become obsessed with the trappings of the office and develop a sense of entitlement, eventually leading to a total disregard of the will of the people.

At the birth of this nation, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and other American leaders believed that term limits would prevent political office holders from obsessing with the “trappings of the office,” and thus strengthen our nation by limiting power in all three branches of government.

I concur with our Founders and agree that a prolonged concentration of power is not good on any level of government, national, state, county, and local.

It was Thomas Jefferson who said, "To prevent every danger which might arise to American freedom from continuing too long in office, it is earnestly recommended that we set an obligation on the holder of that office to go out after a certain period."

Connecticut's Roger Sherman wrote, "Representatives ought to return home and mix with the people. By remaining at the seat of government, they would acquire the habits of the place, which might differ from those of their constituents."

George Mason advised limits on the number of terms anyone can be elected to Congress, "Nothing can be as essential to the preservation of a Republican government as a periodic rotation (of its members)."

I second Mason’s statement and go further to suggest that all levels of government should have “periodic rotation.”

Citizen legislators no longer exist on many levels of government. What was once viewed as a privilege to serve has been transformed by far too many political office holders into a lifelong career that pays dividends and benefits that most Americans do not enjoy.

In my opinion, limiting the terms of elected officials will produce citizen legislators of people who reflect the hardworking taxpayers in every home, on every street, and in every neighborhood of this nation; while career politicians produce legislators who reflect special interests.

Term-limited elected officials would be more in harmony with public opinion, thus limiting the power of not only the elected official, but the power base he or she creates.

Career politicians are not compatible with the vision of good representative government. As time goes on the career politician gives birth to a divide that disconnects them from the people they should be representing.

A few years ago I read an author's comments about term limits that caught my attention.“Representative government, however, should be characterized by the close connection that must exist between the representative and the represented and aspires to minimize, rather than expand, the distance between the two. Simply put, professional politicians, who have spent careers in a ‘culture of ruling’ and who have become disconnected from the daily lives and struggles of the average American, do not understand the plight, the concerns, the needs, and the wants of their constituents”.

I take no issue with elected officials who keep their commitment to the people on one level of government and upon the expiration of their terms decide to move onto another level. Experienced public officials are an asset to good government. However, once they have served a two term limit they should expect to move on.

It has been said that America begins in our homes and neighborhoods, in the living room and around the kitchen table.  Now let me add, the American political system begins in our city halls where citizen legislators and not career politicians should be serving the people.

Term limits turn the attention of elected officials from making decisions that would benefit themselves for re-election purposes to making decisions that are in the best interest of the people, regardless of the political consequences.

It was Lincoln who said of America, “No one is quite sure whether, in the absence of imaginative leadership, a government so conceived and so dedicated can long endure.”

Of course, he was referring to our national government.  But one can make that same argument for all levels of government as well.

Imaginative leadership would support term limits for the good of our nation, from the city halls across America to the Capital building in Washington, D.C. End

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