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Recognizing a growing number of loyal followers, currently 34K on Twitter and 5K on Facebook, Rogers is committed to connecting to his expanding audience with relevant and timely content affecting their quality of life. 

★100 million Fox News subscribers with a median age of 65+
★CNN viewer, age 25 to 54

Rogers For America™ is committed to making your voice heard to elected officials all across America. It is our goal to be very active in addressing public policies that impact YOU. We support policies that, in our view, will make your community, state and our nation strong and safe. It is also our goal to ensure that our children and grandchildren will have an America that  continues to advocate empowerment, entrepreneurship, and a government that is committed to forging a future filled with unlimited promise.

If you share our  mission, please contact us and we will share with you how YOU can be part of shaping America's future. By working together as partners, we can make a meaningful difference for today—a difference that will ensure a better America for our children tomorrow.

Frequent national media news commentator Steven Rogers addresses critical issues affecting every American family—the economy, education, law enforcement, national security, politics, and much more—on his weekly podcast Rogers for America, free content available across social media platforms and iTunes.★Average episode duration: 20 minutes